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Financial Report

Our Business

We are a provider of complete solutions to our clients for the integration of Internet of Things (“IoT”) systems and devices from designing to project deployment. Our mission is to become a leading player in the IoT landscape in the ASEAN region. We offer a wide range of IoT systems as well as provide customers a substantial range of services such as system integration and system support service. We deliver holistic solutions with full turnkey deployment from designing, installation, testing, pre-commissioning, and commissioning of various IoT systems and devices as well as integration of automated systems, including installation of wire and wireless and mechatronic works.


Recent new technology trends such as artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, 5G, robotic process automation (RPA), IoT and hyper-connectivity continue to transform businesses and drive companies to seek digital changes to meet evolving demands of customers. We have built up an IoT development ecosystem to help our customers address the challenges and opportunities brought by new digital technologies, offering an array of design and development system software, application software and other software in providing digital solutions for various processes, sub-processes, transactions and activities.

Modern Workspace


IoT Smart Home & Building

We offer smart home solutions which include design, procurement and provision of smart home products and devices, integration services as well as comprehensive professional electrical wire installation and home data network setup for homeowners. We also provide smart building solutions which include design, procurement, installation, testing, pre-commissioning and commissioning of various IoT systems, solutions and devices as well as integration of automated systems for smart buildings, including installation of wire and wireless and mechatronic works for property developers and contractors.


IoT Smart Agriculture

We carry out services of supply, installation, commissioning and testing of smart hydroponic system which includes IoT concept and functionality to the current existing hydroponic system. We started venturing into the provision of customized hydroponics IoT systems and solutions for the agriculture industry in 2021.

Hydroponic Vegetable Farm
Machine in Factory


IoT System Development

We procure, supply and deliver industrial building systems (IBS) for construction projects for our customers to improve the efficiency and accuracy of construction works, as IBS enables contractors to reduce concrete mixing activities at construction sites as well as the overall duration of construction projects. Our IBS is equipped with IoT technologies that are designed to connect machines and provide accurate tracking of workloads. We intend to further develop and optimize our IBS systems with additional IoT applications.


IoT Gadget Distribution

We distribute mobile gadget accessories to end users in Malaysia via resellers, distributors and retailers. In the process, we provide certain services including shipping tracking and status updates, customer care line online chat support, digital marketing, pre-installation and warranty services.

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